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Was the movie scary?

But where the film shine is its second half, the tense scenes of trying to escape the boat, and finding the mauled body of a character whose still alive just no skin on his legs, is probaly the most disturbing of the film.

Has the economy really hurt Richard Dryfuss that bad that he had to take a part in a movie like this? Punisherfan Jan 24, MarkMusic Mar 19, It is just like has been watching two different movies all at once, one is about hungry killer fish, and the other one is about naked sexy PIRANHA I did not know what I had to think when I was leaving the theater, after watching thiz movie.

Ok the gore is all thereAja filming style and 70's sense for humor Didn't watch it in 3d. The acting is terrible, the nudity is completely gratuitous, and Jerry O'Connell may have the most perverted, sexist, and flat out stupid role I have ever seen.

Plus, the sheriffs in this movie are so dumb. Black escorts southampton. About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase.

This caused her to stop and hang from her legs on the rope, where she tried to remove them from her hair, but this caused her to sink lower towards the water, where the killer fish latched onto her arms and face.

I watched this movie normally and I hope the 3D version made the movie a whole lot better as this was dire. Piranha naked girls. There is no denying that Piranha checked any semblance of maturity at the door and fully intended to be a brash, gross, nude film — and it succeeded. I laughed almost the whole movie, because it was so ridiculous. An all-out gore-fest that never stops! It was fun seeing Christopher Lloyd for The movie was silly and exactly what you expect it to be.

Is there a need to see it in 3D? Indeed, the cast also features U. What to Watch See all. So much money, so much time, wasted on such a crap. Ultimately, "Piranha 3D" indicts the audience, indicts them on the charge of being hypocrites for cheering on Derrick's appropriate manner of demise, since porn is a ten-billion dollar business.

A movie so bad it's But bring your girlfriends so that they'll cling to you. Big boob interracial lesbians. A good remake of terror Animal lovers should not miss. The characters were annoying and forgettable.

But not what you would expect, mind you. I didn't love Piranha 3-D. If CGI boobs are your thing, "Piranha" has plenty of them for you. Piranha 3D is one of them films you expect to be bad. And all in a fun and laughable manner!!

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It's immediately clear that this movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and that's what makes it enjoyable. What a mess of a film this is. Big japanese tits videos. If you do enjoy naked girls If you go to see Piranha 3-D for acting, cinematography or a clever storyline then I seriously question your thought process.

Not nearly as fun, campy, humorous or exciting as it pretends to be. Shame on you Elizabeth Shue and Eli Roth for participating! Bloody skeletons, and the fish munch on flesh, eyes, and one penis. It was in the water—and of course in our lungs as well. Fast paced, it isn't particularly scary but I think that is part of its charm. Richard Dreyfuss will reportedly appear in a cameo that will pay homage to "Jaws. But this Arizona-shot tale of prehistoric piranhas feasting upon Spring Break partiers after being freed from their underwater lair by an earthquake, is about as far from Oscar catnip as it is possible to get.

Did not like this movie at all. Piranha naked girls. After the one-millionth shot of gyrating twenty-somethings exposing themselves interrupted the already tissue-thin plot, my patience with this monkey business had completely evaporated.

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Save yourself the price of admission and two hours of your life, and do not go! This movie was trash! The movie does veer into some very mature territory, killing the mood with a particularly horrifying post-carnage scene in which wounded, half-devoured teens limp out of the water, bones and blood and hanging flesh on display.

After seeing "My Bloody Valentine 3D", I was skeptical that a really good and campy horror film could be done in 3D without resorting to idiocy. Nude body art sex. Fast forward a few tequila shots and a four minute long, totally nude underwater ballet between Brook and Steele and giant piranha are chomping at the bits to tear them limb from limb as the boat runs aground thanks to a coke-fueled Derrick mishap.

NFW Jun 25, About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase. TheQuietGamer Jun 4, Him aside, this film is complete crap. Although I'm a fan of 70's and 80's exploitation films, I didn't much care for this one.

You haven't seen anything yet. Swarming into theaters this weekend, Piranha 3D looks poised to chomp through the competition and make a mouthful of money. Initially, the nudity is pleasurable great faces, great rackssince by all appearances, it's the women's choice to be nude, but when the violence starts to intervene on sex's behalf, the film suggests that appearances can be deceiving.

It was regular and i don't now how much i lost from movie experiancebut generalliy as someone who got a respect for Aja i'am quite disappointed. The gratuitous nudity would be funny and perhaps even titillating if it were brief and frequent; instead we get long, lingering shots that cause the sort of audience embarrassment that Showgirls once did.

In many ways, Piranha 3D achieved exactly what it set out to do: Jon Davison, who produced the first movie, has seen most of the latest iteration and says the movie is surprisingly like his version.

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Well, then step right up for Piranha 3D, one of the best horror B-movies this side of the silver screen. Milf hunter amanda. Not nearly as fun, campy, humorous or exciting as it pretends to be. View our privacy policy. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. Big natural tits riding cock There's tons of cheesey bad guys getting what's coming to them, chicks showing off their boobs and a handful of actual scares that will have you jump a bit despite yourself.

I wanted this to like this movie. This movie is very funny. So much money, so much time, wasted on such a crap. Piranha naked girls. This is not a movie, it's porn. R 89 minutes. Both the director and Sayles were determined to make a movie that gently spoofed Jaws as well as ripped it off. The "good girl" may down a jigger of tequila, lick salt off the bare skin of a bad girl, then suck face and suck lime like a pro, but the good girl, despite her trampy conduct, does keep her top on. Overall though this movie is fun start to finish and as far as B movies go this is one of the better ones.

Is it any good?

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